Wine glass no 9


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Wine glass is casted in porcelain clay and fired to 1280 degrees Celsius. The temperature makes the porcelain move during the firing. It is not glazed but polished.
The glass may absorb colour from very heavy redwine. However it goes in the dishwasher!

When you drink at an opening you never put down your glass, and our wine glass is not possible to put down! It that way the glass is expressing the action at an opening and at the same time it comments on the function in an ordinary glass.
Wine glass is made in porcelain as a cast of a traditional wine glass. The wine glass shape with its thin stem is showing the qualities of the ceramic material when the object is fired.
We have placed the glass in three different ways in the kiln in order to achieve various soft shapes when the porcelain is ”melting” down.

The Exhibition The Opening is a cooperation between Claydies and Ole Jensen, and we have chosen to work together with the concept: For use.
The focal point is the opening and all the items that you use at an opening reception, so that the opening and the entire exhibition are “for use”.
This way we have been thinking in terms of use, functionality and action. At the same time we have been working with the sculptural qualities in all the different objects.