Water bowl no 16


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Height: 4 cm , diameter: 17 cm

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Water bowl is shaped over a mould in porcelain clay and covered with a watery green copper glaze. Fired to 1280 degrees Celsius.

Shaped like the water movement when a drop hits the surface.
You hold the bowl with both hands and sip water from the edge of the bowl, mimicing drinking directly from your hands folded into a basin.

The Exhibition The Opening is a cooperation between Claydies and Ole Jensen, and we have chosen to work together with the concept: For use.
The focal point is the opening and all the items that you use at an opening reception, so that the opening and the entire exhibition are “for use”.
This way we have been thinking in terms of use, functionality and action. At the same time we have been working with the sculptural qualities in all the different objects.