Wall piece no 2


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Height: 6 cm, diameter: 16 cm

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The cups with saucers are hand-thrown in porcelain clay. They have been only partly glazed, so that the pretty glaze slops in the middle of the plaques stand out. Fired to 1280 degrees Celsius with different coloured glazes in the middle.

A cup and saucer in one piece, twisted, as if someone has been drinking of it, when it was placed on the wall, and the content of the cup is then running out.
We want to cherish the qualities that are present in seemingly ordinary objects.
Plaques are most commonly shaped as plates with different painted decorations on, telling little stories about places or events, that people wants to commemorate or mark their affiliation to. A commonplace everyday object, such as a cup and saucer, becomes interesting in its new context on the wall!