Liquor cup no 26


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Height: 7 cm, width: 7 cm, depth: 7 cm

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Liqueur cup is pressed in a mould as a solid cupe, and then hollowed out on the wheel. It is made in stoneware, dipped in a matt white glaze and then fired to 1280 degrees Celsius. The cup is decorated with a golden decal, fired onto the surface at 700 degrees Celsius.

A solid cube of clay, hollowed out to make room for a shot.
The heaviness of the ceramic material and the pungent taste of alcohol is emphazised in the shape of the cup. The cups stack well and with the decoration it is possible to make various sculptures with geometric patterns.

The Exhibition The Opening is a cooperation between Claydies and Ole Jensen, and we have chosen to work together with the concept: For use.
The focal point is the opening and all the items that you use at an opening reception, so that the opening and the entire exhibition are “for use”.
This way we have been thinking in terms of use, functionality and action. At the same time we have been working with the sculptural qualities in all the different objects.