Blueclay porcelain yellow no 1


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Height: 6 cm, diameter: 18,5 cm

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This type of clay is completely sintered, when fired to 1280 degrees Celcius. It is very durable and waterproof also when unglazed.

We make Blueclay in two types of clay: Low-fired earthenware, which is the traditional local clay used by the many potters in Denmark in the old days. And high-fired porcelain, which is a sintered and very durable type of clay.

We are inspired by ideal pottery art. The thought behind the design Blueclay is to use original handicraft workmanship to make a contemporary dish for preparing and serving food.
The Blueclay dishes are hand thrown and decorated in wet layers with coloured clay, using a unique technique in which the colours are mixed together in a marble-like decoration.
The tasty decoration resembles the patterns that occur when you mix ingredients when cooking.