Butterfly Hearts

The Danish author Hans Christian Andersen made the oldest known heart-shaped pleated paper basket in 1860. And it has been a great tradition in Denmark ever since. Around 1910 It is believed that kindergartens started spreading the use of the pleated Christmas hearts in order to enhance the childrens creative abilities. And Danes still love doing it. It is a Christmas occupation where all members of the family can join in. The heart becomes three-dimensional as you weave it, and you can then fill it with nuts and sweets, prior to hanging it on the Christmas tree.

Butterfly Hearts is a cooperation with the photographic poster company Hagedornhagen. Based on their beautiful prints, and inspired by the art of paper-folding, we have cut out and folded the butterflies into these classical christmas hearts.

In the pleated hearts of Claydies & Hagedornhagen, 8 delicate Danish butterflies have been weaved into the traditional Christmas decoration. The range combines the joy of Christmas craft making with little symbols of Danish summer.
The twin handles are designed to support the fragile antennas of the butterflies. This invention makes it possible to hang the hearts both ways on the spruce branches, which is undoubtedly a highly appreciated detail for any Christmas heart enthusiast!